Divorce Attorney Boca Raton

Divorce Attorney Boca Raton

Scott J. Brook is on his third term serving as the Mayor of Coral Springs and is a leading divorce attorney in Boca Raton. His primary focus is on helping families in the community in areas like family law, estate planning, and general litigation.

Top reasons for hiring a family law attorney for your divorce

A divorce lawyer will protect your rights and use his years of experience to help you receive a favorable case outcome. In divorce cases, custody of the children is a head-scratcher and one of the most contested issues in divorce court. A family law attorney can help you keep the rights that you deserve. Furthermore, an attorney can gather witnesses and documents in support of your case.

More importantly, our skilled divorce attorney in Boca Raton can help you understand the complex paperwork and can assist you with filling them. The expert will also take special efforts to protect the best interest of your children throughout the divorce or custody case.

Florida divorce laws

Every state comes with its own laws and regulations when it comes to dividing assets and debts in a divorce. The state of Florida calls for an equitable division of property between both the spouses. Nevertheless, if your judge has enough reasons to believe that a 50/50 split would be unfair, he/she can order a different proportion for dividing the property after considering factors such as:

  • Length of the couple’s marriage
  • The economic status of each spouse
  • Interruptions if any in either of the spouse’s career or educational opportunities
  • The contribution made by each of the spouses to the marriage (homemaker/parent)
  • The contribution of one of the spouses to the career development or educational opportunities of the other spouse
  • The contribution of either of the spouses to acquiring or increasing income
  • Wrongful conduct on the part of either of the spouses during the marriage, etc.

Besides, your judge may also base his decision regarding property division on liabilities incurred by either spouse during the marriage. In cases where the division of marital assets is difficult, a judge might award the property/ asset entirely to the one spouse, and give the other spouse money or property to make up for it.

How to find a good divorce attorney?

Be realistic about what you want your divorce attorney to do for you. Be clear to the divorce attorney in the initial case evaluation meeting about the assets, property, debts, child custody, etc., and other details that are important to you.

Discuss with the divorce lawyer as to what you can expect with your case. If his/her answers seem satisfactory to you, go ahead and hire them. Also, be sure to sit down for consultations with at least three potential lawyers before hiring one.

Visit Scott J. Brook or call https://scottjbrookpa.com/contact/ to get in touch with our divorce attorney in Boca Raton. While legal proceedings can be time-consuming and can be a costly affair, Scott is an expert at helping his clients save money by ensuring that they receive a favorable outcome in a short period.

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Divorce Attorney Boca Raton

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